Gracing Policy

GMR 01 : Grace marks shall be awarded to a Subject / Paper / Practical / Head of passing to a maximum of 2% of University Examination marks if, after gracing the candidate gets minimum prescribed marks in the Theory / Practical and passes in the subject.

GMR 02 : A candidate shall be eligible to a maximum of 5 grace marks, provided, He/she has failed in only one subject (Pr/Th/Head of Passing) of the examination Passes the whole examination by such gracing Gets minimum prescribed marks in the paper/ practical and aggregate for passing by such gracing

GMR 03 : Grace Marks shall be awarded for declaration of classes also. For obtaining a higher class a candidate is eligible for getting a maximum of 5 grace marks, which will be added to the total aggregate marks of the candidate and will declare the candidate to have passed the examination in I Class or FWD

GMR 04 : Grace marks awarded as per GMR 01 for passing a subject and GMR 02 for passing the whole examination are shown only in the ledger and not in the statement of marks. However, the grace marks awarded for getting a higher class shall be indicated along with the aggregate total of the examination.

GMR 05 : A candidate is entitled for grace marks only under any one of the regulations either as per GMR01 or GMR 02 or GMR 03.

GMR 06: A candidate is entitled for grace marks of 05 for the award of class of the degree.

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